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A 30yr old medical professional (Physician assistant), good-looking and kind, seeking a decent, kind-hearted and attractive moroccan woman (preferably who speaks tamazight) for marriage. only serio...  view more

Location: United States
re:divorce advice

Dear Smiley81, Are you joking? Many obvious questions come to mind: What were you thinking?? Even in this day and age of technology, did you really think that marrying someone you have just "encounte...  view more

Location: United States
AMPA meeting

I got many emails asking about AMPA. For those who don't know AMPA is, please check this: Take care  view more

Location: United States
Re-get lost

Hello, I agree with the person who posted the add (CKBANA). The lady was just asking for advise that's about it. The answer you provided was very limited and kind of ignorant to some extent. You ju...  view more

Location: United States
The best airfare to Casablanca

Hi everyone, I'm planning a trip to Morocco this summer (June) and I'm looking for the best airfare to Casablanca flying out of Miami. Thank you in advance. Latifa  view more

Location: United States
Moroccan Saloon

Hello everybody I am looking for someone who can make me a Moroccan Saloon here, I was wondering if someone has one here and can tell me where did he get it from ? and where did he buy the Sponge or...  view more

Location: United States
reply to divorce advice

Sorry about your situation. Things happened and you have the right to change your mind. We call this in Morocco “Maktoub” or “it ment to happen this way”. “Life is like a box of chocolate...  view more

Location: United States
moroccan salon

salam everyone, Iam looking for a store from where i can buy moroccan salon with the wood base and the mattress. Please if you happen to know a store that does that or somebody with these skills, do...  view more

Location: United States
R:Moroccan Saloon

Sallam There is a Moroccan "najar" in Astoria, Queens New York. He made my Moroccan salon,the wood and the sponge part. His phone# (646)244-0528. His little pricy but he can get the job done.  view more

Location: United States
To mestmoha

I think you are sick man you need to check your self to a mental do not represent me nor moroccan people. people like you who state they have a degree and do not know even how to write a...  view more

Location: United States