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Professional Packers & Movers Call @ +919357715571...

Sacl Movers is a specialized, professional packers and moves company in all around the Punjab, India and offering outstanding movers services for the individuals in affordable price. Our Expert mov...  view more

Location: Los Angeles, United States
Looking for roommates

I have a 3/2 house in Orlando and I am looking for roommates, if you're interested pls e-mail me at Thank you  view more

Location: United States
Room for rent

Salam, I have a furnished room for rent in Queens, a very nice area, next to the Queens mall, please if you are looking for rent you can call this number# 718-595-0033 Shokran  view more

Location: United States
R:Moroccan Salon

Sallam There is a Moroccan “Najar” in Astoria, Queens New York. He made my Moroccan salon, the wood bases and mattresses. His phone # is (646)244-0528. His little pricy but he can get the ...  view more

Location: United States
TO HAN: -how to lose weight

God, i wish i knew the exact formula. However, fat is not good for your heart, fat is not good for your brain, fat is not good for your joints. Fat is a luxury in Morocco -fat means wealth in morocco....  view more

Location: United States
to Moroccan salon

HI, i have a couple of friends that made it by themselves but Sdadr are very simple. they got all they needed from Home DEpo then they worked on it. for the material(tlamt ) you can buy all you need ...  view more

Location: United States
passport extension

salam alaikom I live in tennessee and they told me to send my passport to ny for extension and it take about 2or 3 weeks and i really need it done ASAP so i thought to take it to DC im wonderin...  view more

Location: United States
to ckbana

Salam, I like the title "get lost". How pplite is that from you, and what a nice jargon you learned. I hope that you will see by your eyes what I was talking about than you will understand me. "Derb...  view more

Location: United States

I think we shouldn't anticipate, assume things and judge before looking at the whole picture. We heard from one side and we didn't hear from the other which is not fair. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sa...  view more

Location: United States

Ba Jawad, the last time I checked this is simply a posting board for opinions and helpful advice/hints for fellow Moroccans and others. Maybe telling me that I need psychological help can/could/might ...  view more

Location: United States