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Looking for that special moroccan lady

hi, i am 34 with a solid career and looking to start a family. i live in san jose and i have been living in the US for 13 years and looking for a moroccan only soul mate. Let s connect, share pictures...  view more

Location: San Jose, United States
looking for future wife

i am 29 years old man, i am a maintenance tech, i am looking for a wife that we can build a future together, based on respect and halal. life is running fast and there is just so much we can do about ...  view more

Location: United States
to maried

hi my name is badr from morocco i 19 year's old I find any women to maried ok  view more

Location: United States
wife material! Are you?

Looking for a wife. Male, 34, resides in Kissimmee, Florida. The wife I am looking for might be in Morocco but even better if she is in the states. Fun, ambition and loving life man, believe in ha...  view more

Location: United States
looking for a student girl for marriage

I am 33 years old Moroccan guy, Seriously looking for a Moroccan student girl who lives in nyc or willing to relocate to ny. I am a student myself about to finish inshallah soon. Looking to build a re...  view more

Location: United States
seeking for job

salam, im seeking for a job full time except tuesday and thursday evening because i study, i have experience in customer service also in medical assistance, but any suggestion are appreciated thank...  view more

Location: United States
Moroccans in Saint Paul Minnesota

hello i just moved to Saint Paul Minnesota and i m looking for Moroccans friends here in Saint Paul Minnesota u can email me at sincerely , Lamiaa  view more

Location: United States
Looking for friends

Hello ladies, I am 32 years old lady, educated, married with a kid,moving next month to Orange county area. I am looking to meet Moroccan ladies, married or not, to hang out, socialize, and build...  view more

Location: United States

I'm from Eastern Europe, converted to islam 5 years ago. Looking for a very straight, serious muslim man to start a family with.  view more

Location: United States
looking for wife

Male 31 years old, US citizen originally from morocco, looking for good girl age range 20-28, if international student I can help,if located in other state we can make arrangement. drop me an email at...  view more

Location: United States