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VOLUNTEERS from New York!

Salam Brothers and Sisters, Morocco Foundation needs your help in New York. If you have been wanting to help us, but couldn't financially, now is your chance to contribute by helping with your time...  view more

Location: United States

is there anyone know an agency in Casablanca where i can rent a car this February for a reasonable price please email. thanks in advance  view more

Location: United States
A High Educated Moroccan lady...

Salam! I'm a 28 years old moroccan lady, who lives in the Scandinavian area and are well-educated within natural science. I would like to meet a muslim, well-educated and responsible moroccan man...  view more

Location: United States
Will you be the One?

Salam, Dear Brothers and Sisters Morocco Foundation is collecting funds to send to Morocco in order to distribute Sacrificial Lambs (Howli) single mother families in need. Please join us in this wo...  view more

Location: United States
Moroccan woman looking for man

Moroccan woman looking for Arabic man for marriage. Please reply if interested... The above type e-mail request is typical but is unfortuanely so very much the problem in our culture when it com...  view more

Location: United States
Help, research

Hi Guys, I am working on an article on how Moroccan Americans think about the re-election of G.Bush. Could you please help me by sending me your comments to Thank you in advan...  view more

Location: United States
Have you all Forgotten????

Eid El Adha Salam Alaikoum! Eid Al Kebir is just around the corner (JANUARY 20TH), and as we all know from own experience, it is a very important religious holiday, a very happy event, but also a v...  view more

Location: United States
looking for Sergi from Carlsbad,CA

Hello, Is anyone know Sergi-Nickname i think- he's engineer in OC area in southen california,line here for 10 years and come from Belgium and Morocco Many thanks Salima Bonjour, pe...  view more

Location: United States
Cherche une amie

Bonjour Décidé, je publie mon annonce en vue de connaître une amie pour aborder toutes les vicissitudes de la vie. Jeune marocain, age de 32ans, résidant provisoirement en usa (études&travail...  view more

Location: United States
Friends in Vegas

I will be in Vegas foe few days, and would like to meet Moroccans there. Anyone interested to meet for a drink? Drop me a line or too at Thanks  view more

Location: United States