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1 bedroom Apartment for rent

1 bedroom apartment for rent in Revere Massachusetts. $950.00 includes all utilities.It is located in central revere right off Broadway. Bus on street which takes you to blue line. Nice open apartmen...  view more

Location: United States
how are you

i truly believe that only time can tell who we really and what we all about, still i can give you some headlines:). I consider myself to be a down to earth, simple and sincere body, i'm very spontan...  view more

Location: United States
Night Draws Near

I am reading this book now and loving it. Arab American journalist Anthony Shadid is receiving richly deserved praise for his recently released narrative, Night Draws Near: Iraq’s People in the S...  view more

Location: United States
Looking for Elghzaoui Abdelhak

Dear all wafiners, We are desperately looking for Abdelhak Elghzaoui. His family is extremely worried as we haven't heard from him in 4 years. If anyone knows Abdelhak Elghzaoui, please have him ...  view more

Location: United States
Morocco needs to help America !!

Dear brothers and sisters, I really hope that you fellow Moroccans can do something to get the Moroccan government help the United States of America in this time of need (Katrina)! America has always...  view more

Location: United States
Morocco should offer help

I agree with you CasaYork ,the US always helped Morocco in time of crisis ( Earhthquake,....etc),so our governement should offer help and do whatever they can to help them it's a disaster and it's abo...  view more

Location: United States
Immigration interview

Salam all I have an immigration interview in the upcoming days for a green card petition based on marriage. I would like to get information regarding how the process goes, what kind of questions they...  view more

Location: United States
Support freedom of speech

Dear wafinners, I believe strongly that we need to stand firm and endorse our independent press. Please, visit to read about how our politicians want to bury an organ ...  view more

Location: United States
West Palm Beach

Any one in West Palm Beach please email me at I need some info in regards to the area. Thanks you,  view more

Location: United States
response to fayza(passport)

salam o 3alikom about the passport prorogation go to it has all the informations you need good luck  view more

Location: United States