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familly of 3 moving to orlando

salam o alikom , we`re moving to orlando in a month and we`re looking for either apartement or house for rent , we`ll pay month to month and the area needs to be close to public transportation and par...  view more

Location: United States

salam 3alikom,im planning inchallah to move to iowa ,if thers anymoroccan ppl there ,so i can get a roomate,if theres any jobs there ,best place to live ,jazakom allah khairan.  view more

Location: United States
I need advice please

Ramadan kareem . I m a citizenship , I want to bring my parent and my brothers under 18 . I have no idea what I have to do. Any who did the same repply me . jazakome alah  view more

Location: United States
I need a job

Still looking for a job. I posted my Ad a few times. My experience: Restaurant, Hotel, Store business....Construction..And I am willing to do any kind ...I will relocate also. Merci bien bien a oulad ...  view more

Location: United States
i would like fine maroccan friends

Hello my name is said,23 years old , I live in philadelphia got here 4 months ago. I would like to find Moroccan friends to share the Ramadan atmosphere with. Please contact me here, thank you.  view more

Location: United States
babysiter needed

Salamo3alikoum We are a moroccan family looking for a live-in babysiter for our two boys ( 7 and 3 years old, if interested plz e-mail back.Thanks  view more

Location: United States
Seeking a way to Immigrating to the US

Salam, Ramadan moubarak said to all of you. I'm Zakaria, I'm 23 years old and I live in Casablanca. I recently graduated with a B.A in English & American studies. Immigrating to the US has always b...  view more

Location: United States
looking for roomate

salam. im looking for a roomate i live in philadelphia and im algerian guy 28 years old thank you  view more

Location: United States
Moroccan cuisine Chef or cook

a New Moroccan restaurant is opening soon in lexington kentucky owner is seeking a Moroccan chef or cook to work at least 50hrs a week with two days off very good pay ... also The owner of the restaur...  view more

Location: United States
seeking for my first job in usa

salamo 3alaikom, I'm jamal from morocco, i have just came to usa a month ago, i'm seeking for a job (any available job) so that i can support myself. anyone can help jazaho llaho khairane in this bles...  view more

Location: United States