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Shipping Company

I need to ship my belongings to Morocco. Can you recommend a shipping company that you've used before. Thanks in advance.  view more

Location: United States
For Rent

A Spacious and clean 3 bdrms in a quit 3fam house off Broadway Revere Mass. It has tile bathroom Wall to wall carpet pantry room…. It is within a walking distance to schools, library, post office, ...  view more

Location: United States
an invitation from the NYC Arabic Language & Cultu...

Huh? Just what in the heck is this?! Ahlan wa sahlan, wa marhabba! My name is Michael Kim Riegelman, and I'm the Modir of the NYC Arabic Language & Culture Club - yes, it is definitely a long-winde...  view more

Location: United States

I thought this was a Moroccan website?? why does it have to be about religion??? can't we just be Moroccans??? I don't think there is anything wrong with having a Christian nickname, it's still better...  view more

Location: United States
Movie by a Moroccan Director

"Something New" is a great romantic comedy directed by Sanaa Hamri, a native of Morocco. I had the chance to see a sneak preview yesterday and I enjoyed it a great deal. Encourage a fellow Moroccan an...  view more

Location: United States
Young Moroccan Movie opening

See the film that is sweeping the hearts of audiences across America. "The Keeper" The legend of Omar Khayyam One week Exclusive Engagement (subject to Extension base...  view more

Location: United States
Sheep/goat farm, san jose?

Salam alukum. Eid Mobarek EVERY BODY Any one from san jose,CALIFORNIA knows farms sell sheep/goat for EL Eid ? JAZAKOUM ALLAH KHAYRAN. SISTER RABIAA  view more

Location: United States
Support the High Atlas Foundation

Dear Friend, Access to clean water should be a given. In many rural communities in Morocco, however, families must walk for miles to collect buckets of drinking water that is frequently unsanitary...  view more

Location: United States
Moroccan Consulate D.C

Posted By: Asmaa Regarding the Moroccan Consulate in D.C, I totally agree with the person who posted the AD. The staff is not only rude but also unprofessional. I had very bad experience when I...  view more

Location: United States
Newly Born (story to share)

I wish wafin team will publish this short story, I'm sure it will touch few of you. Thanks wafin ************************************************* Few weeks ago I thought the world was falling a...  view more

Location: United States