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Re: Airline to Morocco

Hi there, Check this web site: Best Travel Agency I flew with them a couple of times from Chicago to Casablanca for less than $550 around trip (On March). The flights are us...  view more

Location: United States
To jmmassie

Royal air maroc provide direct flights but the customer service is not that great, best bit air France  view more

Location: United States
RE : Best Airline to Morocco?

Jennifer you didn t post your contact #. Anyway there is this agency in NYC, they have a good deal to casablanca. My friend just book a ticket from SF To Casablanca for 780.00. You can reach them at ...  view more

Location: United States
selma zemmama

hello guys , I am wondering if anyone has any info about selma zemmama of morocco , any contact , phone number, email anything thanks ... god bless you all salamuailikum  view more

Location: United States
need a job

Hi guys. I am in DC for 3 months. Learning English and really wanting to have a job. I am ready to accept any job to start: delivery (but I do not have a car), accounting, or anything that I can do...  view more

Location: United States
find a job

I am looking for a job in moroccan consulate or ambassade. how can i get it?  view more

Location: United States
to Walid

Hi Walid it is nice to see that you are proud to be moroccan and i wish you luck in your life and education. so you, all young moroccan and i maybe one day we can make a difference. Amal9  view more

Location: United States

Do you want someone here to give yo ua medal or what?? Bghaytina na3tiwk midaliya a walid??? Tbaek allah 3lik, walakine ra yallah golti bissmillah!  view more

Location: United States
To Godlyman Houdini

Thank you indeed for a good laugh... you made my day. I can think of a million approaches to stim an argument with you, but again what would outer space Marsians that hit this site think of us? I don'...  view more

Location: United States
ref:Posted By: walid22311

There are a lot of successful Moroccans in the state, did I mention down to earth, please wake up and be real.  view more

Location: United States